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Don't talk to your customers

Published: Thu, 07/26/18

Out there. Theres a world outside of Yonkers - Cornelius, Hello Dolly 1 minute 40 second readOne of the best parts of my job is the opportunity to…

On the shoulders of giants

Published: Wed, 07/18/18

Intentional time with product people is 🔥 1 minute 50 second readIf you are even remotely in the know about Product Things you probably were either…

NPS Hot Take #492

Published: Wed, 07/11/18

Maybe it's not that serious 1 minute 35 second readIf you are active on Twitter or read All The Product blogs and newsletters, you've not doubt…

Optimizing your team

Published: Thu, 06/28/18

Getting the best out of your team for the best for your customer 1 minute 20 sec readWith a subject like that I would imagine you are assuming this is…

To do list that can't stop, won't stop

Published: Thu, 05/24/18

1 min 15 sec readHave you had a day (week?!) where your to do list is growing e ponentially because nothing is actually coming off? Fire after fire,…

You (don't) need a framework for that

Published: Fri, 05/04/18

1 min 40 sec read |There are eleventy million product management frameworks. OK, not a real number, but there are a bunch top of which are mentioned…