Copie's Choice for the weekend of July 16

Published: Fri, 07/16/21

Copie's Choice for the weekend of July 16

Happy Weekend!

I hope that it's been a good week and that you're happy and healthy.

I took a little break for the holiday and feel rested and refreshed. Hope you had a good 4th too.

I'm continuing with the intermittent fasting I told you about in my last missive and it's working. I'm averaging about three pounds a week in weight loss with it. I'm also noticing that I'm not hungry during the times I'm not allowed to eat which is a big plus. For those interested in trying it, I only eat between noon and 8pm and the fast for 16 hours. I keep calories between 1500-1800.

This is great for shedding those Covid pounds!

I've been buried with writing projects so I haven't been able to do as many things as I usually write you about.

Got to a few things though…


This week I'm reading THE TWELVE LIVES OF ALFRED HITCHCOCK by Edward White. I'm about halfway through and it's a good read Hitchcock was a cinematic genius but like all geniuses, he was a complex and complicated man.

Whatever you think you know about Alfred Hitchcock, trust me when I say, there's more.



My son Casey and I have been watching the Disney+ Marvel series LOKI. If you've seen any of the films from the Marvel Universe, you're familiar with the character. Tom Hiddleston is just a kick to watch as “The god of mischief.” The season finale just aired and it's been renewed for a second season. I can't wait!


While we're on the subject of television, jeers to NBC for cancelling GOOD GIRLS. The show, which can best be described as BREAKING BAD meets DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, was one of the best shows in the graveyard that is broadcast television. It is dramatic, funny and well cast. I'm going to miss it.


For the last year I’ve been doing a weekly podcast on the news of the week called COPELAND’S CORNER. Each week a panel of comics join me in dissecting what's going in the country and the world. It drops every Friday.

You can listen to this week's edition here.

Listen for free on Spotify, iTunes or the KGO radio podcast. If you like what you hear, please send the link to your friends.

I'll check you out next week.

Until then, be well!