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Over the top Earth Day celebrations 🌵♻️💻

Published: Tue, 04/30/24

Updated: Wed, 05/01/24

March/April 2024 DID YOU KNOW? AZ StRUT collects 7 tons of donated electronics every week of the year, on average. Help us make that 8 tons this year!…

Look what we did in 2023 🌵♻️💻

Published: Thu, 02/29/24

February 2024 Is unused technology cluttering up your home? Is your business replacing technology this year? We take all technology - working or not.

Announcing our new funders 🌵♻️💻

Published: Fri, 01/26/24

January 2024 Do you have unused technology cluttering up your home? Do you work for a business that is replacing technology this year? We take any…

🌎♻️🌎 Lots of fun staff photos

Published: Fri, 12/22/23

DECEMBER 2023 TECH LIFE SKILLS PROGRAM UPDATE Watch our video for an update on this impactful program and see our own Camilla in action. #partnership…

Our message of gratitude 💚 👨‍💻🌵

Published: Thu, 11/23/23

November 2023 WE ARE THANKFUL FOR YOU You answered our requests for more computer donations, or volunteered to sort electronics, or supported us with…


Published: Wed, 07/26/23

July 2023 For many families, back to school means stretching a tight budget to make e tra, necessary purchases. School supplies, clothing, books,…

Look at where we are! ♻️💻💻♻️

Published: Sun, 07/02/23

June 2023 AZ StRUT teams up with Superiorfor Sustainable Digital Equity We are e cited to announce the June 28th launch of our NEW Techie Lab…

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