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#1 Problem Today

Published: Fri, 09/29/23

Dear, Post by Alen Sultanic on what ails consumers right now. Alen is a brilliant and insightful marketer (slightly edited): "As technology allows us…

Red carpet treatment

Published: Thu, 09/28/23

Dear, I went to Jiffy Lube today to get an oil change for one of our cars. Staff was very friendly... The service was fully e plained to me... The…

FINAL NOTICE (Coptic-Con Sponsorship)!

Published: Wed, 09/27/23

Dear, Coptic-Con is one month away! This is an e citing time as FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, we are going to add our sponsors' logos on the big Coptic-Con…


Published: Tue, 09/26/23

Dear, I feel like I must apologize... ... but at the same time... I shouldn't apologize. Let me e plain. I'm aware that I've sent you numerous emails…

"Fire Derek!"

Published: Mon, 09/25/23

Dear, This will surprise you. One day I was hired by a motor oil distribution company to help them find out why sales were slumping. They were so e…

Meet me in NY or FL?

Published: Fri, 09/22/23

Dear, As you probably know, I love meeting all our Coptic Chamber people in person.That's largely why I do live events, luncheons, speaking…

Congrats, Sahar Karykous & Nancy Daoud!

Published: Thu, 09/21/23

Dear, Congratulations are in order for two of our high-achieving Platinum Members: 1 -- Sahar KarykousSahar recently received the Commercial Agent of…


Published: Wed, 09/20/23

Dear, We received two referral requests: 1 -- Real Estate Lawyer in Georgia 2 -- Medical Malpractice Lawyer in the Pittsburgh, PA Area If you know of…


Published: Mon, 09/18/23

Dear, We received a request for a referral for a: Mental Health Counselor in Florida This is for someone in the Pensacola area, but anywhere in…

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