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... 🏠, looking for a 2023 market update?

Published: Sat, 01/21/23

[Chamberlain Property Advocates] Hi ,Here we are, at the end of January already.Having seen a shortage of newly listed properties for sale as we…

Published: Sat, 12/31/22

[Chamberlain Property Advocates] Hi, In 2022, lifestyle additions were high on the wish list for what buyers were looking for, with keywords such as…

... 🏠, your home buyer questions answered!

Published: Sat, 12/24/22

[Chamberlain Property Advocates] Hi ,As a Buyers and Seller's Advocate who's helped many people buy and sell property over the years, I've been asked…

... 🏠, I'm getting a heap of messages!

Published: Sat, 12/03/22

[Chamberlain Property Advocates] Hi ,Well, here we are in the height of the silly season.At this time of year, we always see the same thing ... lots…

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