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🏠, inspection must-dos!

Published: Sat, 06/03/23

[Chamberlain Property Advocates] Hi ,Open for inspections are a great opportunity for homebuyers to check the condition of the property they are…

🏠, we've answered your questions!

Published: Sat, 05/13/23

[Chamberlain Property Advocates] Hi ,As a Buyer's and Seller's Advocate who's helped many people to buy and sell property over the years, I've been…

... 🏠, buyer whiplash!

Published: Sat, 04/29/23

[Chamberlain Property Advocates] Hi ,New data shows that an average of 6.1% of homes nationally are re-listed within two years of purchase. Why?Whilst…

... 🏠, learn to spot the next boom town.

Published: Sat, 04/15/23

[Chamberlain Property Advocates] Hi ,Ever wondered how some property investors are always in the right spot at the right time, just before a suburb…

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