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General emails and updates on Ashtanga Yoga New York

October 🍁

Published: Fri, 09/29/23

Hello Folks, Please find below the semi-weekly reminder about upcoming classes and the October schedule. I can't believe it's October already. 🧘‍♂️…

Pranayama This Week

Published: Wed, 09/20/23

🪷 Hello Folks! The pranayama classes on Thursday and Friday will be held on Zoom only, 7am EST. (I am at home with COVID, on day four of having it).

Yoga Education Teacher Training

Published: Fri, 09/08/23

Hello Friends! On February 3rd, 2024, my friends Robert Moses, Harshvardhan Jhaveri, and I will launch our first Yoga Education Teacher Training…

September Schedule

Published: Tue, 09/05/23

Hello Friends, I hope all is well with you! The September schedule is now live, and you can find the links for all classes here: September schedule 🧘…

What A Month!

Published: Thu, 08/31/23

Hello Friends,What a month! Today we completed a marathon of construction, renovation, and repainting of the temple premises. Lots of unseen details…

Pranayama + Wknd Schedule

Published: Wed, 08/16/23

Hello Folks! Our summer weekend schedule starts again Friday... Mysore practices resume September 5th. Come on by and see how the temple is…

Weekend Classes!

Published: Wed, 08/09/23

Hello Folks, I hope you are all doing well! Construction is continuing at a good pace; Charlie has gotten the new bell towers for Ganesh and Sai Baba…

August Schedule / New Calendar

Published: Sat, 07/29/23

Hello Friends, In August we will be open for classes on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and closed for classes Monday thru Thursday while we finish up…

Complexity Made Simple

Published: Sat, 07/22/23

Hello, friends! Have you heard of the ultimate human stem cell? It's found in the bone marrow of adults and can transform itself into almost any organ…

Ethical Principles & Spirituality

Published: Sat, 07/15/23

Hello, Friends! 🧘‍♂️ Our Sunday class has received a great upgrade with the addition of Anuj Godhani leading us in a ten-minute sound meditation…

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