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Smart Meters! 🙀 Here's how to opt-out!

Published: Thu, 11/03/22

Hawaiian Electric (HEI) is deploying "advanced" meters (aka "smart" meters) throughout the islands. Opt-out now! Easy as 1-2-3! Click here for a flyer…

[5G] Voter Guide for HI Election 2022! 🤙

Published: Thu, 07/21/22

Where do candidates stand on 5G? We are thrilled to present the Safe Tech Hawaii 5G Voter Guide for Hawaii state Election 2020! If you care about…

Too Many Gs for the Bees! 🐝

Published: Thu, 06/16/22

Today is World EHS Day and we have something special for you! World EHS Day is dedicated to raising awareness about electro-sensitivity to wireless…


Published: Tue, 05/24/22

Your voice matters! Help protect the Hawaiian islands from wireless radiation. Please contact officials now (see below)! The Biden administration has…

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