[Oahu] More 5G! ACT NOW to stop it! Deadline TODAY!

Published: Mon, 02/10/20

ANYONE can send in comments (you do not have to live on Oahu). Sorry for late notice! Just found out about this!

Once again AT&T has teamed up with Hawaiian Electric to irradiate neighbors. A new 5G small cell installation is proposed on Oahu at Diamond Head/Kapahulu/St. Louis Heights (see attached notice).

Not so fast, we say! Thanks to a new court ruling, called the NEPA ruling, they need to do proper environmental review.

1) Please email each Council member (emails below), as well as Tami Pritchard who is listed in the AT&T letter and the Hawaiian Electric folks.

2) Include the AT&T letter (attached)

3) Include the Press Release (attached)

4) Include the two links, to the NEPA ruling https://ehtrust.org/wp-content/uploads/Court-Opinion.pdf and to NRDC https://www.nrdc.org/experts/sharon-buccino/5g-coming-your-neighborhood

Suggested text:

Aloha ____________,

I am writing to call your attention a recent court ruling that has immediate implications for small cell wireless telecommunications facilities applications. I am referring to the AT&T project notice regarding pole #11, Alencastre St., Honolulu. Please see the attached notice.

The new ruling (here is the link: https://ehtrust.org/wp-content/uploads/Court-Opinion.pdf) means that all small cell wireless telecommunications applications must undergo environmental review.

For more information about legal obligations under the NEPA ruling, please see this: https://www.nrdc.org/experts/sharon-buccino/5g-coming-your-neighborhood

Attached is a Press Release summarizing the ruling.

I look forward to hearing back from you with assurance that you will abide by this legal ruling and conduct the required environmental analysis of this AT&T application, as well as other applications going forward.
Thank you.


(Your Name)

Here are Council Members and others email addresses. Just copy and paste each one individually with your email message.

***Remember to include the attachment and 2 links (to the NEPA Ruling and NRDC page)!***

Email addresses:

[email protected] Tami Pritchard (AT&T Project Manager)

[email protected] and [email protected] Hawaiian Electric

[email protected] Mayor Kirk Caldwell

[email protected] Council Chair Anderson

[email protected] Vice-Chair Kobayshi

[email protected] Council member Pine

[email protected] Council member Tsuneyoshi

[email protected] Council member Waters

[email protected] Council member Fukunaga

[email protected] Council member Manahan

[email protected] Council member Elefante

[email protected] Council member Menor