A comment people often make -

Published: Tue, 01/04/22

From the friendly caves of Pixie Hollow.

A comment people often make is:

'I don't know that you could write it like I would.'

Aside from this being a rather insulting thing to say to a ghostwriter, it's often thrown down without even a question.

Like, imagine if you had asked the question instead:

Leticia, how do you ensure that what you write is what I would write? (For example.)

Then I could treat you to a long diatribe about the beginnings and endings, about turns of phrase, about an uncanny knack for 'hearing' your voice while I write (meaning, hearing your turns of phrase, your styling, your pacing, your invisible punctuation). I could explain to you how your voice isn't as unique as you think it is. I could explain to you the concepts of speech patterns. And so on.

But instead of asking, and thus learning what it is that makes a ghostwriter capable of writing in a voice that is extremely similar to (if not identical to) their voice, those who drop the comment do so because they already decided.

The decision?

I'll write it myself.

I mean to say, you can't blame them.

Writing is apparently one of the most difficult things to do, and certainly one of the most emotional.

It's a baring of the soul, an expression of the innermost you.

It is nothing at all like visual art, for example. (Though many who are uncreative often miss this point, too.)

When you craft something in words, you put your own Self on the line for others to scrutinise.

So when someone comments, 'you could never write the way I write', I get it.

Even if it's untrue. Even if it's untested.

Which is a good time to let you know that if you decide you'd like to collaborate with me on your book - with me as a ghostwriter - I'll throw in three months of blogs for your business (or promotion of your book!).

An engagement like this is $24,000.

The project? 10-12 months.

The benefits, however, are immense:
  1. Lead your industry with the kind of authority that only a book can give you.
  2. Opportunity to legitimately label yourself an author, reinforcing your position as a leader, speaker, and person of influence.
  3. Promotional materials given to you on a platter, so you don't have to think about it. (Three months' worth of blogs is an awesome thing!)
  4. No-brainer publishing, with guidance from me as to either help to set yourself up to self-publish; or a (free) written proposal you can shop out to publishers.
  5. Writing a book can better your life, and your business, by giving you a dimension of credibility you can't imagine until you've done it. (Kinda like parenting.)
  6. It becomes a product you can sell (and if you do it right, it'll sell itself, giving you passive income).
  7. You leave a legacy behind that nothing else can match.
  8. It will reignite the passion you have for doing what you do, which is something nobody else can match.
  9. It allows you to engage in creative output without demanding the immense number of hours in which to do it.
I've got availability for just four of them this year, the next one beginning in February. If you'd like one of the spaces (February, May, August, October), all you have to do is reply to this email with your expression of interest and we can start chatting.

No there's no purchase link for this service.

Would you just click a link to buy something for $24k? No, me either.

Besides, I might not want to work with you! 

By the end of a ghostwriting engagement we'll either love or hate each other, so it's got to work for both parties before I even attempt to sign you on as a client.

But if there's the slightest possibility, let's start talking.

Who knows: By this time next year, you could be out touring your own book. And wouldn't that be amazing?

xx Leticia "I believe in ghosts" Mooney

Please let me know what I can do for you.

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