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Published: Tue, 01/11/22

From the friendly caves of Pixie Hollow.

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Instructions are easy to write, right? I'm talking about exact instructions.

I mean, if you've ever bought a great product and then read the instruction booklet (that was as crap as hell) then you've thought, 'Pffft I could do such a better job of these!'.

(You're lying if you haven't.)

Well if you've ever watched the Exact Instructions Challenge on YouTube, you'll know that creating exact instructions is waaay harder than it looks.

The original peanut butter & jelly challenge, by Josh Darnit and kids, is a classic. 

The Bellinger Family's challenge to make orange juice is insane, but just as enlightening.

The challenges illustrate that there are some key concepts with writing instructions. One is that being exact is difficult for humans because as humans we tend to assume that if we know a thing then everyone else knows a thing. The other is that even if you write poor instructions, then if they're close enough then someone following your instructions precisely may still end up with their desired result.

To prove it, here's Josh Darnit's video:

This is the field of technical writing in a nut-shell.

No matter what you're creating: Instructions, manuals, processes, procedures, you've got to be able to identify and create precision, and do so in collaboration with the team members, clients, users, creators (or others) who make or use the products or services that you've got.

This is even critical in systems that you document for yourself in a micro business! 

And yet, getting to precise detail is one of the things that many people struggle to do.

So here's a tip:

Whenever you write something instruction-y, work the instructions precisely as you wrote them to see if they're exact. 

Pretty quickly you'll see where your blindspots and assumptions lie, and you'll be able to fix it.

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