How to tell if a product is 👌

Published: Thu, 01/13/22

From the friendly caves of Pixie Hollow.

I think it was Alexei Sayle who said that when the launch of a car is amaaazing, then the car will be rubbish.

But if the car is awesome, the launch will be BYO at best.

The same thing holds true in film launches, you know. I discovered this when I was still a fledgling critic, in my early 20s.

I'd got access to see one of the Saw films at the cinema by way of the uni paper for which I was writing. To be honest, I didn't expect anything.

But I walked into the most sumptuous buffet I'd ever encountered.

There was as much alcohol as you could drink, tables and tables filled with food.

And the best thing was that we could take it all inside the cinema with us! Can you imagine the glory.

The only problem is that I'd already eaten dinner, so I couldn't avail myself of anything. The film, I felt, was mediocre at the time.

Of course, watching it now I have a different view. The Saw films have to be watched back to back; the entire story arc is brilliantly crafted.

Naturally, I'm going to ask you when is the last time you held a launch for anything?

New service? Launch it.

New book? Launch it.

New website? Cake day (at the very least).

It doesn't matter what you've got going on, there's always an excuse for a launch.

Invite your clientele, invite reps from the media, throw on a lunch and a few bottles of vino, and off you go.

At the very least you'll make friends in all the right places, your customers will adore you, and you'll start finding that selling your stories to the press gets easier.

And all of that gets you more money in your kittie.

None of this has anything to do with my current offer of technical writing training or consulting, Well, except for the fact that if you crack a bottle of champers over your knowledgebase, and you've got customers who will drink to its brilliance, then you're waaay out ahead of everyone else in your industry.

Check it out

xx Leticia "lunching and launching" Mooney

PS. My next launch is 3 Feb. More info.

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