The Gene Simmons lesson in Audience

Published: Thu, 11/18/21

From the friendly caves of Pixie Hollow

If you're not au fait with Gene Simmons you might think he's an odd place to learn audience from.

But this isn't a lesson.

This is a story about a play.

Not a play by Gene.

A play by me on Gene.

You ready?

A few years ago, I had the good fortune - by way of my husband, who is a Very Very Big KISS Fan - to spend a day in the company of Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, and the touring band Ace had with him.

This was an experience offered as part of the purchase of the Gene Simmons Vault. The Vault itself is a vault-like touring case filled with Gene's solo work. It's extraordinary, much of it Beatles-esque. Because of the exclusive nature of the Vault, it came with a day with Gene and co at the Hilton in Adelaide. And, unlike nearly every other offer like this, Adelaide was one of the first cities on the Australian run.

Every purchaser got a +1 for the day.

So I was Troy's.

You bewdy, I thought.

On the off-chance I could get Gene to sign his books (he's got a bunch of business business he's published, each one fabulous), I gathered them together.

And on the day, I dressed in my colourful best, including jeans, heels, and red lipstick.

Gene's weakness for women is legendary.

So as an experiment, I played the part. I figured that everyone in that room would be either full metal (black black black black black), or very plain. Many die-hard fans of bands like KISS aren't exactly dressed in Gucci. 

What I wore was an extraordinary, lightweight summer blazer covered in artwork. It has a huge face on the back. It's unmissable in a crowd because it's an unusual tint of orange. That plus great hair,  perfect makeup, and a slight scent, and off we go.

I was right, too. I was the most striking woman in that room.

Great posture, I learned that day, is a rare commodity; it's also very attractive to others.

Long story short, Gene winked at me across the room for the entire day whenever he could sneak a peek and whenever I caught his eye. I probably could have taken a lot more advantage of that than I did. Know what I mean, wink wink nudge nudge, oooeerrrr.

When it came time for Troy to get his Vault and stuff signed, Gene offered to buy me from him.

'How much for her?' he asked, smiling radiantly at me.

I grinned. You know, Gene is warm and smells looovely.

'She's priceless,' Troy replied.

'Good answer,' laughed Gene, who proceeded to tell him, 'brother you married up!'

The only unfortunate aspect was the photos, in which Gene spent the entire time pointing at me and saying 'tits!', so they're not exactly nice-face-photos. LOL

But afterwards I did tell Troy that he probably missed out on making a few million bucks. Who knows what Gene would have paid. ;) Ha! Talk about a missed negotiation opportunity.

Playing to your audience in content is exactly the same.

Step one: Do your research. 

Step two: Know what is their achilles heel.

Step three: Proceed accordingly.

It's rocket science, right?


You don't need to have thousands of bucks and UX researchers and all that jazz. All you need is curiosity.

But sometimes even that is just too much hard work for people who only want to get moving.

xx Leticia "Gene magnet" Mooney

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