Ignore the shills. Not sure who they are?

Published: Fri, 11/19/21

From the friendly caves of Pixie Hollow.

The shills to whom I refer are those who comprise some 90% of "journalism" in 2021.

Now, this is not a rage against the mainstream media machine per se.

It is not a rant about the state of the world, though with the fascists in Austria and Victoria, Australia, it's more than tempting.


This is a commentary about the state of the "journalism" world in general, because I've had more than one conversation about strategic direction in the past week and I am astonished that anybody even listens to most press.

For context, I haven't watched "telly" since I was about 20. I'm 41 now.

I don't consume any streaming media from Stan to Netflix to Twitch.

I haven't read any kind of newspaper since the Fin Review began banging a political line instead of reporting the financial business affairs of the world, which was around the bushfires of January 2019.

I don't listen to the radio.

I don't subscribe to any news feeds like InDaily or News.com.au or any other news site.

I don't listen to podcasts.

I'm not on any social media beyond LinkedIn.

I barely even read my emails.

If I hadn't had someone come visit and casually mention the scamdemic in November 2020, I would have had no idea of any kind of political "rule".

Literally all my news comes to me through the Zeitgeist and LinkedIn; I'm a creator, not a consumer.

The shills who line the walls of the press, from Forbes to the New York Times are - much of the time - pushing a line that is paid for. And by "paid for", I mean that Big Tech, Big Biz, Big Pharma, Big Power, has Big Pockets. Many of the publications that are available to you, with spurnalists spinning their webs of deceit, are staffed by people who believe what they're writing. Their editors accept their works based on the directions they're given from ownership. (At NewsCorp, the world's editors tune into directives by phone daily so that they all align, and this drives editorial direction.) And yet most of the time what their pens write is bullshyt.

Especially where content is concerned.

Remember the "video is better for everyone" scam, which began with Flakebook?

If you don't know that story, you will remember literally everyone around you telling you that video gets higher engagement than every other type of content.

Everyone was saying it.

Marketers were saying it.

Shills were saying it. 

Business coaches were saying it.

Networking events were full of people saying it. 

Even your bland old local paper had some person banging the video drum.

Did any of these people follow the money or read the studies? No, who could be bothered.

If they had, they would have understood two things:
  1. The majority of media consumers prefer to read, because video is noisy, video takes too long, video is inconvenient, video uses loads of data, video (insert reason here). Video is inaccessible in terms of audience ability, whether that is because of deafness or they're rocking a sleeping baby, or they're on a train and forgot their headphones. Video is a steep learning curve, it requires purchase of assets, it requires tens of hours of editing time. 
  2. Every single piece of that press began with Farcebook, who had a vested interest in selling video to the dumbasses who believed their story. 
So when I emailed you, , about the metaverse and the decision that you've got to make about your content, I was shocked to receive comments from people saying they have to level up because they'll miss out.

You don't have to do a farking thing.

If you're already smashing it, why would you chase something that requires you to build new skills?

If you've got a genuine interest in service a digital audience, that's a different thing altogether. Fine, ditch your trajectory. Go shine in the other place. But if your desire is a fear, what are you even doing!

Let's be clear about something:

Just like in Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer, and other great tabletop games, shifting careers comes with a cost. 

In those games, it's money and experience.

In life, it's money and skills and experience.

So if you're one of the many creators on this list who is scrambling to go sideways, a warning:

You will always chase the next most shiny light if you don't trust your strategic direction.

And if you're not a creator but you employ them to rock your content world, also a warning:

Don't move without studying your opponent.

Content formats are worthy opponents.

Engaging them requires attention, skill, and a formidable sense of direction.

Without one of those three things, you will fall over yourself to do whatever the next shill tells you is a great thing. 

Without attention (which includes memory), confidence in your skill, or a good compass, you will fall over yourself to change direction. You'll unhitch your bag of skills; you'll throw your experience over the cliff-edge, and in your haste to get down the track you'll forget which way you were going because your compass was in your bag.

You were already halfway up a mountain and the one you think is the better one is on the other side of the world from you.

And you'll fail.

Discipline = freedom.

xx Leticia "harbinger" Mooney

PS. If you don't have a good strategic map, you can download the simplest and best one at https://brutalpixie.com/downloads/hedgehog-concept-template/