An ode to Monday; & a task -

Published: Sun, 11/21/21

From the friendly caves of Pixie Hollow.

In the Monday morning light
After darkness, dead of night
Waking in the early gloom
A dullish light fills the room.

It's not the sun, or window, lamp
But from the phone that's in your hand
You fell asleep not giving heed
To the toxic thing, you see.

It robs our sleep
It steals our nights
We scroll and tap and poke and chat
One finger working, we get fat.

The world's amazing if you See
But in the world you have to be
The world is not inside your phone
The phone just finds you all alone.

When typing you just talk to Self
A convo with that selfish elf
It's not communal, not a bit!
Isolating dopamine hit.

Your task today is simple, yes,
Use the 1990s test:
Without the internet, with no phone,
Could you function? What's your zone?

It's not an idle question, see
The world is changing for you and me
You might have no access soon
So you might have to change your tune.

Content is a pricey game
It's not about gaining fame
Instead it's real connection, right?
Find, be found, and sell, or die.

Biz did this for years and years
Before the internet built up fears
Of losing ground, of being stuck
Of being in a fast-paced rut!

Ponder what it is you'll do
So you win big, I say, yes you!
Internet is just one play
And it could easily just go away.

xx Leticia "wayshower" Mooney

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