A confession

Published: Mon, 11/22/21

From the friendly caves of Pixie Hollow.

A confession, today.

It's been forever since I worked in content on the ground in a company. By "forever" I mean more than two years.

I've been pondering what this means for me, career-wise.

Today I decided that I'm a way-show-er.

Not a way-shower like rain shower. But show-er, like person who shows the way.

I've been a way-show-er my entire life, really: In leadership roles, in consultancy, in mentoring.

Even in writing.

My daily grind these days is pretty much writing (with content way-show-ing thrown in), and actual way-show-ing.

I recently spent a few months under the extremely intense tutelage of a Seer, so I am actually a way-show-er now, reading Tarot. (But not as the Pixie, just to clarify.) Readings are remote (or in-person in Adelaide, in case you'd like one.

So what does this mean for you, and for these here emails?

These emails show you the way.

They don't give you the directions for raising your tent, finding water, setting up your campsite. They give you compass-bearings, point to signs about the weather, and encourage you to do the work yourself.

And they give you access to my skills and services to plug gaps that you have in your own business.

This Friday, for example, I'm showing a bunch of PhD students the way to handle writers' block.

In another project, I'm showing a woman the way to capture her life so that we can write her memoir.

In yet another project, I'm showing a tech business how they can level up with amazing writing, content, and UX and all the considerations around that.

How can I show you the way?

xx Letiica "All questions and navigation" Mooney

PS. Send a message at https://zipmessage.com/leticiamooney and let me know.