18 whys to palm off your website

Published: Thu, 11/25/21

From the friendly caves of Pixie Hollow.

Here are XX reasons not to maintain your own website.

1. You'll sit up until past midnight looking at themes.
2. When you buy themes, they won't be SEO friendly, responsive, or do what you want.
3. You'll be tweaking it forever.
4. You'll understand "tweaking" to mean "fidding, touching, or never ever being happy or finished"
5. You'll only ever look at the design.
6. You'll never resize your images so they're all the same size, compressed, and lightweight.
7. You'll never revisit your content.
8. You'll never delete, or archive your content.
9. You'll never edit your content.
10. You'll build a heavy behemoth of materials that becomes irrelevant.
11. You'll break things.
12. You'll forget to update things.
13. You'll spend way more money by fiddling than you will by just giving the job to someone else.
14. You'll never count your own time as "money".
15. Whatever your fiddling is, it'll feel more important than the important stuff.
16. You'll forget about good SEO.
17. You'll give up exasperated at some stage and wish you'd just paid someone else.
18. You'll never give up your vise-like grip on it because even when you do finally outsource it to someone else they'll never do it like you want them to.

Sounds like a hot mess, doesn't it?

The truth is, you don't have to keep fiddling. All you need to do is pay someone to drop in every quarter, update your content; handle your archiving/deletion; make sure your SEO components are flying; and bam. 

Of course, that's the content side. 

The maintenance side (plugins, for example, if you run Wordpress) is best handled by a developer.

If your website is important to you, you'll get professionals to help you. That way you can spend your time sleeping (or doing what you do best).

xx Leticia "spent way too long in her life fiddling" Mooney