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The Key To Paradise

Published: Thu, 01/20/22

By now, I am probably going to sound like a broken record. :) Your health depends on the amount of electrons that you "feed" your mitochondria. The…

Insane In The Membrane

Published: Mon, 01/17/22

A few years ago, Tim and I got to participate at one of the most ground breaking and least well-known trainings / events ever. It was in Austin, TX…

Time Is On Your Side

Published: Fri, 01/14/22

Hi Every One! One of our most favorite e periences being in the North Georgia mountains is the morning greeting we receive by our local winged…

Wind Of Change

Published: Mon, 01/10/22

On December 30th, Tim and I talked about the importance of January in connection to the Roman God Janus, the God of doorways and new beginnings. If…

Did You Work Out Today?

Published: Fri, 01/07/22

Hi Every One! A couple of weeks ago Tim and I talked about the failure rate of the new year's resolutions, the importance of not wasting time, and how…

Ice On The Mountain!

Published: Mon, 01/03/22

It's a gorgeous afternoon here in the North Georgia mountains! The sun is out, the birds are flying at lightning speed and the squirrels are being,…

Happy New Year!!

Published: Thu, 12/30/21

One of our most favorite things is to do is to analyze the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have influenced us throughout history.

Mastering War, the Mundane, and Your Breath

Published: Mon, 12/20/21

Hi Every One, Growing up as an only child in a cement infested city, I spent lots of time reading books, mostly non fiction. I loved the smell of a…

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