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Finishing School

Published: Sun, 08/28/22

This is just a quick note to let you know that for the ne t couple of weeks there will be no email from us. I (Vie) will be preparing for my…

Vata Derangement and Anger Management

Published: Sun, 08/21/22

Yesterday, August 20, highly controversial planet Mars made a very bold move. He entered Gemini and he intends on staying there until end of March…

Jupiter, Venus and Mother Mary

Published: Sun, 08/14/22

It's been a couple of weeks since our last conversation, whether in the form of email or podcast. Both Tim and I had to actually take time off to…

This New Moon Is Not Messing Around

Published: Mon, 06/27/22

We are in for a week of high intensity. You might have even already gotten a taste of it. Between the new moon, Mars in Aries being out of bounds (out…

Is Your House An Ayurvedic Home?

Published: Thu, 06/16/22

One of the happiest memories from my childhood is spending Sunday mornings with my parents on our balcony, overlooking the Aegean sea. We would enjoy…

Fabulous Or Frustrating Full Moon?

Published: Sun, 06/12/22

It's been a little while since we talked about ayurvedic astrology. But given the uniqueness of the upcoming full moon, Tim and I decided that we owe…

Eat Whole Foods

Published: Thu, 06/09/22

A few days ago, Tim and I received an email from Yoga Alliance in which they were advocating the importance of mental health 365 days a year. You can…

We Have A Baby!

Published: Thu, 06/02/22

Today's weekly thoughts are slightly out of the ordinary. :) The reason being, we have an e tra-ordinary new addition to the Yoga Energy Family! Her…

This Email Might Put You To Sleep

Published: Thu, 05/26/22

If you've ever taken any of our Ayurveda teacher trainings, you most likely have heard us talk about the importance of 4 Doctors. These 4 Doctors are…

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