Mastering War, the Mundane, and Your Breath

Published: Mon, 12/20/21

Hi Every One,

Growing up as an only child in a cement infested city, I spent lots of time reading books, mostly non fiction.  I loved the smell of a new book, never wrote on the margins or underlined anything (we did not have highlighters) and God forbid, never bent a page.  The book was almost as good as new even after I was fully done with it.  Books were precious and sacred, they hid treasures to uncover and truths to cherish -- they were to be respected.  Fast forward, 40-some-odd years, I still feel the same way about books, except now I get to listen to most of them and analyze them to death with Tim.

The audio book Tim and I are listening to now is actually a course, called Masters of War: History's Greatest Strategic Thinkers by Andrew Wilson
We just started listening to it a couple of days ago and it's already fascinating.  What I love the most about it (other than the fact that Andrew Wilson loves to give the Greek etymology of certain words :-) ) is how it puts every aspect of our daily life in perspective.

Are we getting lost in strategy and forgetting about tactics?  In other words, are we focusing too much on long term goals and avoiding the necessary mundane activities?

Are we getting consumed in tactics and losing sight of the strategy?  In other words, are we focusing too much on the mundane activities and losing sight of the long term goals?

Speaking of mundane activities...

Do you remember to keep breathing in and out through your nose, as opposed to through your mouth?  Yes, both the inhale and the exhale should be through the nose as much as possible.  Here is a short and sweet video (6-min long) that goes over the importance of nose breathing, Ayurvedic Breathwork | Nose vs Mouth Breathing  By the way, you will absolutely love the scenery! Let us know if you guess where this video was recorded at and we'll surprise you with a gift. :) 

Until next time, happy winter solstice from both of us! Na’maste Kala! (Which in Greek means, may we all be well!)

-Tim and Vie | Ayurveda Outlaws

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