New Year's Resolutions | The SHITT that Works!

Published: Mon, 12/27/21

Hi Every One!

As we are approaching the end of another calendar year, and the beginning of a new one, most of us feel compelled to create a list of all the exciting new things we wish to accomplish during the coming year!  This list is also known as "New Year's Resolutions".  :)

But did you know the astonishing failure rate of this worldwide practice?  According to one publication, approximately 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February, and according to another publication only 8% of the people who admit they make new year’s resolutions are successful in achieving their goals.

Why would so many of us fail so miserably in something that we are so determined and passionate about?

Before we go any further we need to realize the origin of the New Year's resolutions. Tim and I were surprised to find out that it is actually a custom that dates 4000 years back, to the ancient Babylonians.  The ancient Babylonians were celebrating the beginning of the new year -- which for them was around mid-March, based on the Spring Equinox -- with elaborate festivals.  During this time,  people would commit to becoming better by making personal promises to the Gods.  Personal commitment to the Gods was people's way to definitely hold themselves accountable. And we would not question them!

This practice passed on to ancient Rome, in a slightly different context. The Romans were celebrating the beginning of the new year in January, the month named in honor of God Janus.  The Romans honored Janus before any other God,  and they made promises to him for good behavior during January's New Year celebration.

So what happened? Where did we go wrong to end up failing so miserably today? Several reasons.

Number One:
We are not looking for practices that are simple. We seem to have forgotten the Latin origin of the word resolution, which meant a process of reducing things into simpler forms -- resolutionem. We tend to make things too complicated.

Number Two:
We are afraid to get out of our comfort zone. We look for things that are easy. Easy does not keep us interested, easy does not render results. Without results we become bored and quit. We need to take on practices that challenge us enough to make a difference but not too much. So we need something that won't kill us but also something that will make us stronger. We need what's called hormetic resolutions.

Number Three:
Very often we confuse resolutions with long-term goals. Resolutions have to be something that we can implement right away, something whose results we can measure on a weekly basis, if not on a daily basis.  Time is our most valuable asset.  Our resolution should not be wasting our most valuable asset.

Number Four:
And last but not least, our resolutions have to be time-tested. Whether they involve nutrition, fitness, meditative practices, social behaviors, mental training, spiritual training, nature, or business practices, we need to know the history behind them. Just because an Instagram sensation advocates a certain practice, it does not mean it should be worth our time.

Tim and I like to use simple, hormetic, implementable, and time-tested techniques. I like to call them shitt that works. :-)

So, no matter what your resolutions are, make sure they follow the above four criteria and you will have a much higher chance of succeeding at them.

Until next time...  Much much love from both of us!

Na’maste Kala! (Which in Greek means, may we all be well!)

-Tim and Vie | Ayurveda Outlaws