It's A Trap!

Published: Thu, 03/31/22

Hard to believe that April is just around the corner, if not already here by the time you read this.

April is the month traditionally associated with Spring and everything beautiful, at least as far as the northern hemisphere is concerned.  In fact, one of the two main theories of how the month of April got its name involves Aphrodite, the ancient Greek Goddess of beauty (her Roman equivalent would be Venus).  Legend has it that "April" originates from the Greek Aprilis, which comes from Aphrilis, the month named in honor of Goddess Aphrodite.

The other theory behind “April” is that it comes from the Latin verb aperire, which means “to open", which could be a reference to the blossoming of trees and flowers that would be taking place at that time throughout the ancient Roman empire and surrounding areas.

Regardless of the exact origin of the name, April has always been full of wonder and dynamism.  And even though April may be the month of Aphrodite and Venus, it is definitely ruled by Mars, the God of action and courage.  After all, April features the fiery and highly resilient sign of Aries.

So what does this intriguing month have in store for us?

I am going to use Tim's way of describing the situation:  It's a trap!

From an astronomical point of view, it will undeniably be a sight to be hold!  We are in for a a magnificent celestial parade!

As early as April 1st, Venus, Saturn and Mars will be creating a "planetary belt" alignment similar to that of Orion's Belt.  Saturn will be in the middle, heading for a close conjunction with Mars.  All three of them should be visible to the naked eye decorating the southeastern predawn sky, with Venus of course being the brightest.

This legendary astronomical conjunction between Saturn and Mars will be at its strongest on April 5th.  Looking at the southeastern predawn sky once again, you should be able to see both Saturn and Mars.  Even though Saturn will be brighter than Mars, they will both be visible to the naked eye.

But did I mention that April 1st is also a New Moon day?  :)

Astrologically speaking, April is coming to us strong and feisty.  If you have a tendency towards emotional exaggerations, the first week of April will take you on a roller coaster ride.

Vie, who's the culprit?
I am so glad you asked.

First off, the New Moon (which in reality is an eclipse) is occurring in the sign of Aries which makes everything seem darker and more poignant than usual.  Now around April 3rd we have the Moon reaching the position of Uranus (haha, I said Uranus :)  Uranus adds unnecessary tension to everything since Uranus represents our fears.  His influence is going to last through April 4th, adding even more tension to the epic conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Aquarius.

Think of this conjunction as if your existential vehicle is stuck in a ditch (Saturn out of balance) and all you are doing is sitting there just revving up the engine (Mars out of balance).  It sounds completely insane, doesn't it?  All you would end up doing is destroy the vehicle and possibly hurt yourself in the process.  

This is exactly how irrational the first week of April might seem to you, if you let yourself be carried away by various social situations.  Remember, the conjunction happens in Aquarius, the sign of people and collective community.

And if for some reason you end up falling in the cosmic trap, you will most likely not find out until the end of the month.  I guess better later than never. 

So, this is where Ayurveda comes in to remind us to use our most important weapon, our mind.

Until next time...  In Tim's own words, it's a trap!

Much much love from both of us!
Na’maste Kala! (Which in Greek means, may we all be well!)

-Tim and Vie | Ayurveda Outlaws