It's A Matter Of Time

Published: Thu, 05/19/22

Back in January, we talked about the importance of your mitochondria (your body's internal clock operators and regulators) and the number one thing you can do to keep them healthy.  If you have not already read this message, or you wish to revisit it, you can find it here.

Going in a little deeper into this highly underrated concept of our internal clock, did you know that your mitochondria are believed to be the oldest part of the human body, even though they were not discovered until 1898?

Carl Benda is the German microbiologist who discovered these organelles and he's also the one who established the term mitochondrion (singular) or mitochondria (plural).  The term actually translates to "strands of granules" reflecting their appearance.  Yes Tim, you are correct.  :-)  It comes from the Greek words mitos (thread) and chondros (granule).  :-) 

However, I prefer to call them "strands of eternity" due to the timeless impact they have had on our human physiology.   Since the beginning of time, it is the condition of our mitochondria that determines how well, we as human beings, adapt to the ever changing demands of our environment.

During the Time Is On Your Side message, we associated the health of our mitochondria with our circadian rhythm and the quality of our sleep.  In reality, given that your mitochondria determine how well you adapt to the demands of your environment, they are intrinsically connected with anything and everything that has to do with timeYour mitochondria decide how well you use your time.

I always like to associate the mitochondria with the planet Saturn.  According to Ayurveda, Saturn governs time and karma.  Contrary to popular belief, karma is not about right or wrong.  Karma is simply about action and consequences.  If you think about it, that's all time really is:  It is due to time that every action has the opportunity to render consequences.

So, the better care we take of our mitochondria, the easier we will adapt to the ever changing needs of our environment, the more effective we will be with the use of our time and the happier we will be with the consequences of our actions.

Now, the natural question arises:  How do I take better care of my mitochondria? 
Not to worry!  Father Time, aka Saturn, is here to help!

One of the best practices you can do for your mitochondria is to take some time to do nothing.

Just sit and be quiet.  No fancy meditation techniques, no visualization exercises (all they often do is cause Vata derangement), no music or other sounds in the background, no staring at candles, nothing like that.  It's just you sitting comfortably in a safe and quiet space, with your eyes closed, listening to the sound of your breath.  Try that for no more than 5 minutes.  All you need to do is set a timer. 

The purpose of the above is twofold.

1) You are nourishing your mitochondria through the most important of the five Ayurvedic elements, the Space or Ether element.  By sitting quietly, you are creating space in your mental environment.  No mental stimuli.  According to Ayurveda, silence is the main manifestation of the Space element.

2) You are honoring Time.  You are being present with Time.  No action, no consequences, just You and Time.

Ideally, see if you can practice this technique on a Saturday, it is his day after all - Saturday = Saturn's day.

Until next time...   Much much love from both of us!
Na’maste Kala! (Which in Greek means, may we all be well!)

-Tim and Vie | Ayurveda Outlaws