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Why I'm rehoming my cat! 🐈‍⬛💤😭

Published: Thu, 10/26/23

Dear Reader, I'm going to kill the cat! You opened this email e pecting an update about my life and instead what you are getting is a rant. Because I…

I'm 🎶'All By Myself'🎶 this week

Published: Thu, 10/05/23

Dear Reader, My friend, fellow writer, and person I share an office with Ms Melinda is away on a roadtrip for the ne t couple of weeks. The cats are…

Can you have too many coats? 🧥💖😂

Published: Thu, 09/28/23

Dear Reader, After last week's awesome birthday celebrations, this week has felt sadly bereft of cake, presents and people telling me how awesome I…

My Major Author Failure (& I'm Sorry)

Published: Thu, 09/14/23

Dear Reader, I'm having one of those days where I feel like I'm failing you as an author. Not with the writing (that's actually going well right now ~…

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