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Market Updates and Tours Available

Published: Mon, 07/04/22

July News from Chetwyn Hi, We hope your July has been going sunnily so far. Here is what you'll find in this month's newsletter: - Items we will be…

Farmer's Market Time

Published: Thu, 05/12/22

May News from Chetwyn Hi, There are e citing updates this month. In this newsletter you will see that farm tours are open and we are coming back to…

Sign up for a Chetwyn Farm Tour!

Published: Sun, 04/10/22

April News from Chetwyn Greetings, There are e citing updates this month. In this newsletter you will see that farm tours are open, we are coming back…

Donating Lemons in Castro Valley

Published: Thu, 03/10/22

March News from Chetwyn March is upon us. We hope you enjoy reading through this month's news where we share about avocado blossoms, our work with…

Chocolate Avocado Cupcakes

Published: Thu, 02/03/22

February News from Chetwyn Happy February! This month we have complied some farm updates and a delicious cupcake recipe for you to enjoy. We hope all…

January News from Chetwyn

Published: Mon, 01/03/22

New Year, New Updates Hi, The start of a new year is upon us! We are e cited to discover what adventures, lessons, and friendships await in the…

December News from Chetwyn

Published: Mon, 12/06/21

It's Chet-mas Season! Greetings, The holidays are here, and the Christmas spirit has descended upon us! In this month's newsletter, we will share what…

Chetwyn's October News

Published: Tue, 10/05/21

Fall Fruit and Friends Hi, October is here. The sun is lower in the sky, the nights are cooling off, and it's time to bring out the pumpkins! But even…

September News: Last Summer Newsletter!

Published: Wed, 09/01/21

From Farm to Market & We Can Can! Dear, Another month gone. Wow, this year has been going by fast. Enjoy reading through our final summer newsletter…

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