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🦃 Secret Thanksgiving Travel Hack 🦃

Published: Mon, 11/27/23

Secret Thanksgiving Travel Hack Currently in Paris having a great time! It feels good to return to a place I've already traveled to because it's more…

🇧🇷 Things to Do in São Paulo 🇧🇷

Published: Mon, 10/30/23

Things to Do in São Paulo I got really sick in Hungary and have been bedridden for the past couple of days.🤒You all know that I'm in trouble if I…

🧠 Schedule Plans Smartly 🧠

Published: Mon, 10/16/23

Schedule Plans Smartly Due to my travels and climate change, my body no longer has a sense of the changing seasons. I give up! EXCITING things are…

🎷 Things to Do in Kansas City🎷

Published: Mon, 10/09/23

Things to Do in Kansas City It feels so good to be back home and on my productivity game again! My mannerisms and habits changed completely while I…

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