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😎🧳 Cool Kids Pack Light 😎🧳

Published: Mon, 11/28/22

Cool Kids Pack Light I'm currently in Marrakech, Morocco. The people are still celebrating in the streets from yesterday's World Cup victory against…

😅 Don't Make My Travel Mistakes 😅

Published: Mon, 10/24/22

Don't Make My Travel MistakesI'm currently in Greece, and the locals are so hospitable, but they're changing all my plans! Thus, I have no idea what I…

🌇5 Things to Do in Cali, Colombia 🌇

Published: Mon, 10/10/22

5 Things to Do in Cali, ColombiaAre you watching the Jeffry Dahmer special? Craziness! I didn't finish it yet but shows like these are why Americans…

🧦🎧Survive Those Long Flights🧦🎧

Published: Mon, 09/26/22

Survive Those Long FlightsI'm currently in Stockholm, Sweden. Amazingly, the metro runs 24 hours (every 15 minutes). So even those living in the…

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