Stephanie Wasylyk

These emails will be my observations about business and life, musings on books I’m reading, highlights of stuff I’ve published, and other nuggets to help you get through your journey. Thanks for trusting me with your attention and time. I will use it wisely.

a random grab bag of hopefully useful things

Published: Mon, 04/29/24

Hi, I was so e cited to work today...but it wasn't meant to be. I spent all Sunday morning cleaning my desk, putting up a new light, whiteboard, and…

We start tomorrow! + Q&A Video

Published: Wed, 04/17/24

Hi, This email today and one more tomorrow about The Happy Squirrel Collective, then we'll go back to our regular Monday Permission Slips. If you're…

What Makes a Community ADHD-Friendly?

Published: Mon, 04/15/24

Hi, On Saturday I watched my 5-year-old jump off the side of a pool into the water by herself for the first time. I know she was terrified (she…

Honouring Our Values in Our Business

Published: Mon, 03/11/24

Hi, It feels so good to be back home! My family made use of March Break by travelling back to where I grew up to visit friends and family, and it was…

How and When to Say “Not Now”

Published: Mon, 02/12/24

Hi, I have to tell you about this absolutely terrible book I read. It's The Gap and the Gain by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy. Don't read it.

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