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Mt. Lebanon News - Spring 2024

Published: Fri, 04/12/24

Mt. Lebanon - Winter 2024 I came across an old picture today of this group of students celebrating Easter and preparing to attend the very first…

Merry Christmas from Mt. Lebanon

Published: Thu, 12/14/23

Merry Christmas from Mt. Lebanon! Merry Christmas from Mt. Lebanon! It's been a great year at Mt. Lebanon! As of the end of November, we have hosted…

Mt. Lebanon News - Fall 2023

Published: Thu, 10/12/23

Mt. Lebanon - join us for dinner, meet the Ambassadors, and get ready to Run The Mount! It's a beautiful Fall season here at Mt. Lebanon. We enjoy…

Mt. Lebanon News - Summer 2023

Published: Fri, 07/14/23

Mt. Lebanon - A record summer, new Ambassador program, Cedar Pavilion, and more! As I write this on a warm summer evening, almost 1,300 teenagers are…

Mt. Lebanon News - Spring, 2023

Published: Thu, 04/27/23

Growth, New Projects, History, and the Power of a Camp or Retreat! Mt. Lebanon is e periencing a season of rapid growth! We are e pecting a record…