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How to get out of your head

Published: Fri, 02/23/24

One piece of advice I often see warbled and shrilled by the personal development dimfluencers? “Try to get out of your head” These words drive me…

How to get high on your own supply

Published: Thu, 02/22/24

During the depths of lockdown, I took part in Tony Robbins’ 4-day Unleash the Power Within personal development programme. And it was a surreal e…

"The science says it, so it must be true"

Published: Mon, 02/19/24

Last week I dropped a grenade on my LinkedIn wall when I posted “there’s no such thing as a stressful environment”. Turned out not everyone agreed.

Choosing your flight path in life

Published: Fri, 02/16/24

Did you know on long haul flights, the pilots are all given different meals to chow down when it’s time to eat? One pilot might get a beef stroganoff…

Love in a hot tub

Published: Wed, 02/14/24

As it’s Valentine’s Day, how about some thoughts on love? A few weeks back, I hopped on a group coaching call with the American coach Michael Neill.

Are you zigging when you should be zagging?

Published: Mon, 02/12/24

On Saturday, I posted on LinkedIn to celebrate a historic moment: Hitting 6,745 LinkedIn followers. A lot of LinkedIn creators make a post when they…

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