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let's say goodbye together in June.

Published: Fri, 06/02/23

Saying farewell isn't easy.We have loved being a part of this community,but it is time to say goodbye. As of Friday, June 30th, RPG (Restaurant, Pub,…

May events at RPG abound!

Published: Mon, 05/15/23

May events at RPGAnd... brunch continues! Whether you are looking for a place to gather, need your wedding or event catered, are ready to learn new…

May Specials? Yes... please!

Published: Tue, 05/02/23

May is HERE!And... so is brunch, every Sunday 10AM-2PM Simple, Elegant. Delicious. That was the purpose behind the the curated selection of specials…

April Specials and... brunch?

Published: Sat, 04/01/23

April SpecialsAnd... brunch? So... how about them... Sports ball teams? Ok, forgive me, we won't talk about that. Upward and onward, right? But…

your Spring cocktails are HERE!

Published: Mon, 03/13/23

Which new cocktail are you trying this Wednesday?Or... could it be all of them? (if so, we recommend taking breaks or ordering a few off our non-…

Find Your Sunday Funday - now at RPG

Published: Wed, 02/15/23

Which new Sunday event is right for you and your friends?Or... could it be all of them? RPG is about building community. Part of that is our weekly…

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