Disaster zones, tuk tuks, Trolls, and friendly Germans

Published: Tue, 01/13/15

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Update: A quiet, cool week in Nong Khai where we've had our first rains since arriving here. The region has actually been declared a disaster zone because of temperatures dipping below 15C for 3 straight days. Canadians back home will laugh scornfully reading that. 

On this newsletter you'll find a few interesting photos, a juicy link, and a story about a nice encounter.
Photo 1: The Mekong river. That's Laos on the other side.

Boats are constantly bringing goods across the river and it's amazing to see how fully packed they are.
Photo 2, 3, 4 - They have a different kind of Tuk Tuk here in Nong Khai. See the first two photos. The 3rd is from a typical Tuk Tuk found in Bangkok.
Below: Troll that you'll find all over social media these days, including travel forums.
Travel Forums 101
I got in a lot of hot water last week on a question I posed on the forum section of Thai Visa (which is the most popular expat forum in Thailand). It was meant as a question on why foreigners retire in Hua Hin and I did it to solicit feedback to my recent post in Hua Hin which, while not overall complimentary of Hua Hin, addressed the pros and the cons of the town. It was funny to see the reaction; first people attacking me, then people fighting amongst themselves. Forums are ugly places. But they're not alone - I've been interested to read that a few prominent newspapers are eliminating their comment sections in the new year because of the ugliness it brings out.

* At the top of the page I mentioned the Disaster Zone. Have a look for a second at the comments in that article.

I wrote the following post about a year ago. But nothing has changed, you can usually spot the same characters on every forum (and everywhere else) you go...
Hua Hin and why it isn't for us
This is the original post on Hua Hin which solicited all the anger. I've linked the Thai Visa thread at the bottom of the post for those who are curious to see the nasty things people wrote. 
The story below highlights one of our best travel highlights in Thailand as well as one of the funniest experiences we've had on our travels.
Ayutthaya – Train rides and drunk Germans
Everyone visiting Bangkok should go a little out of their way to see Ayutthaya, Very impressive. They probably won't have the kind of experience we had though... 
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