Weekly Newsletter: photos of ladyboys, donuts filled with meat, and sexy Thai cops

Published: Tue, 01/20/15

Your Weekly Newsletter!
Above: Coconut shell bowls at the Saturday night market in Nong Khai .

Update: A cool week last week in Nong Khai. Temperatures still around 15C overnight and our neighbor is coughing up a lung and keeping us up. 

This week on the newsletter: photos of ladyboys, donuts filled with meat, and sexy Thai cops. Along with a few posts that you should check out.

Photo 1: I hope most of you can figure out who the ladyboys are. How many real ladies do you see in this photo and how many are chicks with dicks? You can spot them pretty easily in the day but at night it can be a different thing, especially after downing a whole bottle of Thai whiskey. I brought one back to my hotel once many years ago and only figured it out when we crossed through the brightly-lit hotel lobby and I saw the huge Adam's apple. That was almost my 'Crying Game' moment (I don't know if anyone reading this knows what I'm referring to there...)

Anyway, they're quite accepted here in Thailand and it's common to see them. Something very unique to Thailand and speaks a lot of the openness and tolerance here. 
Destination Guides
If we've been quiet the last little while it's because we've been working on some technical aspects of the blog. We've also updated some of the Destination Guides on the site. One of the great things as the blog gets more popular is that people want to contribute guides to our site to get a bit of traffic back to theirs. I love it because its means I get information written by local bloggers with first-hand knowledge of the destinations.

A few regulars find the guides boring, but the guides are very popular with people looking to plan the basics of a holiday. We're up to 25 guides now with a few more in the works. Have a look at what we have to date.

Photo 2. Everyone wants a white man to endorse their product. We were walking by this stand at the Saturday market when the man asked us to pose in front of their stand. His wife put a soft drink bottle in my hand. They snapped a photo. I have no idea what we just promoted; those things look like donuts but they're boiled in water and have fillings that vary from chocolate to green tea to chicken. Chicken-filled donuts. Maybe we go back next week and try one of these things out.
We still think a lot about Cambodia where we were in early December. We were marked by the people and poverty and by just how different it is from Thailand. We've got a post coming up that's inspired by our stay there. We've also got a whole lot of video to go through from Cambodia which I'll post on our youtube channel. That's something else we want to work on but which we never have the time for. The good news is that Lissette has started helping me out more on the blog so we hope to catch up in the next little while.

Anyway, this post featured faces of Cambodia and scenes of everyday life. Have a look if you haven't had a chance.
Photo 3: Lissette thinks Thai cops are sexy. I think it's the uniform and helmets. I don't know, never understood why women like a man in uniform so much. I personally think it's the whole power/domination thing. But Lissette is really cool; if she sees a girl dressed like a tramp she'll always point her out to me so I check it out. How many women do that for their man? So if I like the 'street hooker' look on women I'll concede the Thai cops in uniform. 
Terrible bus rides
Something over the past week made me remember this trip. The destination was gorgeous, but getting there was about the most dangerous bus ride I've ever taken. Sometimes you look back at things and wonder how lucky you were to make it out alive...

This is also the first blog post that I ever wrote. I don't think anyone's ever read this post but I think it's a good story.
 That's it for this week! Thanks for reading!

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