Happy New Year! And stories of babies, kittens, dogs and geckos.

Published: Mon, 01/05/15

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Above: Photo of the Saturday night market in Nong Khai , Thailand.

​Update: Happy 2015!

All the best to our readers for the upcoming year. I was pretty negative last week so this week its going to be all about nice, happy things and positive feelings. So you'll see photos of babies, kittens, soi dogs and cute geckos. I have a few rants in my system but I'll save them for next week ;).

We've been pretty quiet the last little with posts but now that we're back to a normal schedule I'll be catching up. You'll see a few interesting posts coming up and I'll include some of our better photos from 2014 as well as our hopes and dreams for 2015.

Here are a few photos from the past week as well as some of our favorite photo posts on the blog. If you like pretty photos you'll like some of the ones we've included. And no negativity - except for the story of me losing 5 lbs over 2 days. But everyone likes a good shit story, right?
Photo 1 & 2: It's winter here in Nong Khai and you'll see a lot of people walking around in tuques. Here's a cute baby with a tuque and some of the tuques on sale at the night market. I honestly don't know why we don't see some of these tuques back in Canada.
Cartagena, Colombia
A lot of people are still nervous at the idea of travelling to Colombia. I went there back in 2005 and came back with Lissette a few years later. Cartagena was (and still is) the most impressive colonial city I've seen.
Lots of pretty photos of Cartagena in this post.
Photo 3: Walking down the street in Nong Khai we spotted these kittens on a roof. It's my "cats on a hot tin roof" photo. 
Vernazza, Italy
It's far from undiscovered. But this town is still one of the prettiest places we've ever been. Just gorgeous.

Tons of photos in this post.
Photo 4: One of the things that takes a bit of getting used to in Thailand are all the stray 'soi' (street) dogs. Lissette is petrified of them. Most of them are fine though and will just sprawl on the sidewalk all day. Night time is a different story, they basically own the streets and get themselves into all kinds of trouble.

The two above we see every day. The one of the right is always alert and ready for action. We've nicknamed him 'On guard'. The other one is usually sleeping in the position that you see him in. The first day here we thought he was dead. We just call him "Sleepy head".
Guanajuato, Mexico

My mom has made a Mexico fan out of me. I've visited her there the last two years and seen some of the most beautiful small towns anywhere. San Miguel de Allende is well known to expats, but Guanajuato (just an hour away) is even more beautiful. I was blown away.

Some colourful photos in this post as well as tips on how to lose weight on the Mexican shit diet. The only real downside of the visit...You'll even see a pig on a leash.

Photo 5: We sometimes get geckos coming into our apartment here in Nong Khai. They're cute though and keep bugs away.
Freezing rain in Montreal

As I was writing the above we heard about the freezing rain and power blackouts back in Montreal. And how the weather was dropping to -25C overnight. Ugg. One of the many reasons we're happy to be away from Montreal winters.

Montreal hasn't had bad freezing rain the last few years. But every once in a while it'll happen and wreak havoc. Here are some photos from back in 2008 and a bit of an explanation of freezing rain for those not familiar with it.

Have a good week and thank you for reading our blog!