Visit from a Tokay, stunning sunsets, and posts on Spanish colonial towns and cities

Published: Tue, 02/10/15

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Above: Everyone is trying to be our friend...

Update: Look what tried to get into our apartment this weekend. This is a Tokay gecko - the 2nd largest of the Gecko species. They can actually get up to 20 inches in length (the one above was probably about 12 inches). They're more aggressive than most geckos and have a bite that can crack the shell of a cockroach. This guy actually took a lunge at me.

Other than that it's been a pretty quiet week since our return from Vientiane. I've previously mentioned that one of the things we've learned travelling as we have is that you have to give a place time, not just for yourself but others. We're finding over the last few weeks that more people are approaching us and trying to be friends; from a Thai man who flies a kite, to an expat from California, to the lady who cuts my hair. That's the nice thing about slow travel and one of the aspects of a place that draws you in. We've got 6 weeks remaining in Thailand and I'm sure we'll feel the same sadness when we leave as we felt leaving Prague after 3 months.

I have one post coming down the pipeline within the next week. Ever booked a flight and had it cancelled 3 weeks later by the airline? Ever wondered what you can do about it? It's happened to us this week and I'm so angry I've got smoke coming out of my ears. I'll be writing about it in the next week or so.

This week on the newsletter: another photo of the Tokay, an amazing sunset in Nong Khai, and some posts on Spanish colonial cities and towns.

 Another photo of the Tokay. Beautiful isn't he?
Saturday was a hazy evening but it resulted in a beautiful sunset over the Mekong River. 
Changes on the Blog

I'll be busy over the next few weeks re-working some posts from the past year. You may have noticed we've had a few changes to the blog in the past week or so (share buttons, footer, related posts). Since starting the blog about a year and a half ago we've gone through different page formats, photo size etc...Anyway, now that our format is fixed (and will not change) I'm going through each and every post and re-sizing the photos to the new format, which means going through every photo I've ever taken. I've also included new photos not previously included, mostly photos of people (never my strong point). 

You'll see in the 3 posts that I've attached how much of an impact the photos have. But it's a lot of work and I expect to be at it for the next few weeks. 

This week's focus: Beautiful Spanish colonial Towns and Cities

Cartagena, Colombia
The first trip Lissette and I ever took together (who takes their girfriend to Colombia, right?). But we loved Colombia and Cartagena is just beautiful...
Trinidad, Cuba
Much smaller than Cartagena, we loved this little town. Very picturesque and one of my favorite photo posts. 
Granada, Nicaragua
I came here a few years ago with my Mom. A pretty city with some fabulous geography in the vicinity - you'll see volcanoes and volcano lakes in this post.
I'd be really curious to know which of these would be highest on your list of places to go based on the posts. Appreciate any feedback!
 That's it for this week! Thanks for reading!
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