Fat jokes, Cooking for Donald Trump, Krakow Guide, y nuevo post en espanol.

Published: Fri, 03/13/15

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Above: You might want to bring your Superman / Wonder Woman cape (or a parachute) if you intend on flying Thai Lion ;)
Update: Last night I dreamed that I was a finalist on Celebrity Apprentice and that I had to cook a soufflé for Donald Trump. I guess that pretty much sums up this week - watching a lot of tv in what has been a very hot and hazy week in Nong Khai. For the first time since getting here over 3 months ago we've had to use the AC.

In 2 weeks from today we fly back to Prague. We'll stay there a week before moving on to Croatia. We've enjoyed our stay in Thailand but are now looking really forward to some new adventures.

This week on the update: A new guide on Krakow (one of Eastern Europe's most beautiful cities), un nuevo post en espanol, and a few funny/unusual photos taken in Thailand.
Destination Guide - Krakow
Krakow has the largest historic town square in all of Europe and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Read more about Krakow in this guide.
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A statue in Lumpini Park in Bangkok titled "Women in the Next Three Decades".  Huh?? Looks like a Christmas turkey.
On that note:
"Big Fat Farang Breakfast". Keep in mind 'Farang' is a white foreigner. Cute. But sometimes you wonder if they're poking fun at all of us...
Visitar hermosa Guanajuato y Querétaro, México – y cómo perder 5 libras en 2 días
Nuevo post en uno de los lugares más bonitos que he visto. Muchas personas no se como son hermosa las pueblas del centro de México.
Hot Spicy Squid and Spicy Lobster - popular chip flavours here in Thailand.
Tomorrow is Saturday which only means one thing here in Nong Khai - Saturday Night Market! I'll be writing about Nong Khai in detail next week. But this is something we'll definitely miss when we leave this pretty town.
 That's it for this week! Thanks for reading!
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