Scary storms, Stick insects, and the most beautiful places we've visited in Italy

Published: Thu, 02/26/15

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Update: Temperature changes in Thailand! The weather in Nong Khai had been cool and clear. That has changed over the last 10 days, highlighted by a scary 4am storm that was the closest thing to a Hurricane that we've experienced (see the photo below). It has brought with it hot, humid conditions as well as all kinds of insects, lizards, and unidentifiable flying bugs. Lissette says our apartment has become The Discovery Channel. The above stick insect was found trying to get into an apartment down the hall. How'd you like to wake up to that on your face?
Above: Storm damage on a building right next to ours
We have exactly a month left in Thailand. We've been quiet with posts in the last little while as I've re-worked some of our older material in re-configuring and re-indexing some of the photos. You'll see below that some of the changes are quite dramatic. I'll be done in the next two weeks or so. I'll then catch up with few posts I've been meaning to write on Nong Khai and this remote area of Thailand.  

This week on the update: A few more photos from around Nong Khai as well as a couple of older posts you should have a look at.
They've been celebrating the Chinese New Year here in Nong Khai and have set up some beautiful lanterns all over the boardwalk (PS people love having their photo taken and will sometimes just pose for you)
I'll be doing a photo post on all the stuff you find in the markets in Nong Khai. The photo below is a teaser. People here love colours, even in their desserts.
A few older posts that I've reworked over the past week. The theme this week is Most Beautiful Places we've visited in Italy. People love Italy and you'll see why in these photos.
One of the most beautiful places anywhere. Lots of great photos here plus I explain why you shouldn't propose to your girlfriend on a gondola...
Another of the most beautiful spots we've seen anywhere. It's quite touristy and probably best visited in low season. Great spot for some hikes, just an amazingly beautiful area...
Florence doesn't have the amazing geography of Venice or Vernazza - but it's rich in history, architecture, and culture. One of our favorite places in all of Europe. If you click on the post you can also read about my application to become the new spokesman for McDonalds ;)  
 That's it for this week! Thanks for reading!
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