Greetings from Croatia! Photos that will make you salivate....And some of our favorite Historical Places

Published: Fri, 04/10/15

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Above: The seaside promenade, or 'Riva' in Split.
Update: Greetings from Split Croatia! What always amazes us about Europe is how you can fly 90 minutes and be in a completely different geographical setting and culture. Prague was great but we are now in Mediterranean Europe where they love their wines, olive oil, and seafood.
Below: A snack along the Riva yesterday. Should have had wine but still have a bit of Prague in our system...
But most of the week since our arrival was cloudy and cool (it broke yesterday). Here is a photo taken earlier of the week of the Split skyline. Those are snow-covered mountains in the background.
Split is famous for Diocletian's Palace, a palace built by Roman Emperor Diocletian in the 4th Century AD. The whole area is full of history and in the few short days here we've seen Egyptian Sphinxes, tiny Christian chapels, and Roman vomitoriums (which I think is one of my favorite new words). We'll be writing much more on Split and the region in the next little while.

On this Newsletter the focus is on older posts featuring some of our favorite historical places. They're all pretty amazing so click on the below and let us know what you think!
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The Spectacular Archeological Site of Monte Alban, Mexico
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Siena is often overlooked for Florence or Rome. But it has some of the most impressive Renaissance history we've seen. Just an amazing town.
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