Mostar and our travels through the Balkans. And Places we didn't like...

Published: Mon, 05/04/15

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Above: Muslim tourists looking out towards Mostar's famous bridge.
Update: We just got back from Mostar in the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. A fascinating place with Ottoman history (the majority of the population is Muslim) but also the biggest casualty in the 1992-1995 Bosnian War. No other place in the Balkans suffered as much damage as Mostar. Much of the city still looks like a war zone 20 years later.

I'll have a couple of posts coming up this week on Mostar: one on the war and the lingering hatred among ethnic groups in this divided city, another on the tourist attractions. Both survive meters from each other. Its one of the most fascinating destinations we've been and a place we'd like to revisit.

Below: Bombed out buildings. There are many in Mostar
Later this week we'll be taking a road trip south to Dubrovnik and Kotor (in neighboring Montenegro). Look for some posts on these incredible places in the next few weeks.

One of the things we did last week was buy a new camera for Lissette. It takes really great night shots, something my old camera wasn't so good at. So we've got another post coming up on images of Split at night. 

Below: Split at night
So expect a lot of posts in the next little while with lots of photography and stories. We've met some interesting people in our first month in the Balkans and whether Croatian or Bosnian, everyone has been incredibly friendly. It has been mostly great; I wrote about how I almost fell from the bell tower in Trogir a few weeks ago. Well, over the weekend I tripped on the stairs leading from the bedroom down to the living room, landing against the glass coffee table and getting a severe bruise and puncture on my arm. The Balkans are a dangerous place :)

Until my posts on Mostar (coming over the next few days) here are a few older posts. The theme this week? Places we didn't like. We don't want you to think we gush over every place we go to. Let us know if there is a place that you didn't enjoy spending time in.
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 That's it for this week! Thanks for reading!
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