World's Worst Tourists, Montenegro (not Monte Carlo or Macedonia) and other lesser known favorites of ours...

Published: Sat, 05/16/15

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Above: Views of the Bay of Kotor.
Update: We just got back from a week's trip through Dubrovnik and Kotor (Montenegro). Montenegro ended up being a highlight, which I will blog about this week. After Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro brought us into Orthodox territory, the 3rd major religion in the area (Croatia being very Catholic, Bosnia and Herzegovina majority Muslim). Honestly, we've been treated so well by everyone we've met that it's hard to believe they've all been at each other's throats for centuries. 

This week I'll be posting on both Dubrovnik and Kotor. We'll be in the Split area for the next 2 weeks and then making a trip up north on our way to Venice: Zadar, Plitvice Falls, Zagreb, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Lake Bled, and Piran will be stops along the way. Who are the World's Worst Tourists? I previously wrote about Chinese tourists in Thailand (leave your comment there if you have thoughts on this topic). After the our last 6 weeks in Croatia we may have come up with a different group. I'll have a post on that too. Prepare to see a lot of posts from us in the next little while. 

Below: Spectacular Dubrovnik.
Most people have never heard of Montenegro. Or they confuse in with Monte Carlo. A girl we met told us that Bill Clinton went to Montenegro a few years ago and referred to it as 'Macedonia'. Lots of small countries in the area that many people are not familiar with.

This week on the Newletter I focus on some places most people don't know aboutAll were highlights for us. 
Ko Yao Noi, Thailand – Getting away from the mass tourism of Phang Nga Bay
There are a lot of horror stories about the crowds you'll encounter travelling through Southern Thailand. This (almost) untouched spot in Phang Nga Bay was our favorite spot in the region.
Photo Essay and Travel Tips on Reutte and the Ehrenberg Castle Ensemble, Austria
The tourist hordes flock to Neushwanstein Castle near Fussen, Germany (we actually found it really overrated). But a short bus ride away across the Austrian border is Reutte. It has fabulous ruins and great mountain views. And a lady called Mrs. Asshaeur. 
Guide on Bacharach (our favorite German town) and Highlights of the Rhine
Another little town we loved and that nobody's heard of.  It was so romantic that I ended up proposing to Lissette here. 
 That's it for this week! Thanks for reading!
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