When travelling kind of sucks. And the natural (and varied)beauty of Europe.

Published: Mon, 06/08/15

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Above: Plitvice Lakes.
Update: Hello from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Yesterday was one of those days where you ask yourself why you bother travelling: a misunderstanding with our Airbnb owner led to us waiting at the bus station for an hour. We took  a taxi and were taken for a ‘tour’ by the driver (taxi drivers are your biggest enemy when travelling). We went shopping for food and found out that grocery stores were closed because of a national holiday in Croatia. Someone told us that Konzum (a large chain) was open – walked half an hour and found out it was closed as well. Was just that kind of day.

Last Monday we left Split which we used as a base for 2 months. Loved our stay and we miss it already. We have an in-depth post coming up on Split. We are now halfway through our trip up north, culminating in our flight back home on the 13th. Stops so far: Zadar, Plitvice lakes, Zagreb. To come: Ljubljana (as we enter Slovenia), Piran, and then a night in Trieste (Italy) before flying out.

Below: Below: Me yesterday. We have to rethink our baggage situation when back home. This is ridiculous. My foot hurts from all the bags I’ve kicked in frustration. On the other hand, look at those biceps :)
We'll have a month in Montreal and have a whole bunch of administrative things to take care of, including figuring out how to travel both lighter and more efficiently. We had so many things to think of when we left last July that it wasn't a priority.

We’ve seen so much beauty on this trip through Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina that the few travel headaches we’ve had have been worth it. This week’s newsletter focuses on the beautiful and varied beauty of Europe. Here are a few posts you might like.
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