Montreal/Mexico. Getting back home and being all over the place

Published: Fri, 07/10/15

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Above: I love the food and colours of Mexico
Update: Hi! Happy month of July! It’s been a really busy time for us and these "Weekly Newsletters" have become a monthly thing. We came back to Montreal from Europe on June 13th and have been busy catching up with paperwork/things – the administrative stuff that you come home to after having travelled for a year. With last year being our first complete year of travelling full-time, we expected our mail box to be overflowing. Things are actually under control, so much so that we’ve booked our plane tickets out of Montreal. We’ll be leaving at the end of July and will disclose our next destination in the next few weeks (although I'm dropping a hint below). We’re looking forward to starting our 2nd year of travel.

Below: A hint on our next destination. Any guesses?
In the meantime I (Bbqboy) have been in Mexico visiting my mom while Spanky is back in Montreal. The first time in a year that we haven’t been together and it feels weird. But I'm sitting in the Mexico City Airport Hilton as I write this, drinking beer from a mini bar with views of the tarmac. So life is pretty good :).

We have lots coming up over the next couple of weeks: on places recently visited in Slovenia, on Montreal (and how strange it is coming ‘home’ after being away a year) and on San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I have much more positive feelings about this town that I did when I last came here. We’ll also have a few posts summarizing some of the highlights from our first year of travel as well as some resources for people who may be inspired to go to some of the same places.

Below: Montreal on a summer's night from the lookout on Mont-Royal.
This week on the newsletter I focus on Mexico and Montreal. Many people are really nervous about visiting Mexico. I have to admit I was too. I’ve become a huge fan of Mexico. I have a few posts below that might change your ideas on this country.
Montreal is a place where I lived almost 30 years. I’ve got a resource page below that will help you with anything you need about the city. 
A visual tour of Mexico City (and why I was incredibly impressed)
I had heard all kinds of negative stuff on Mexico City. Have a look at the photos on this post and you'll see why I was impressed.
Highlights of a visit to Puebla, Mexico
Puebla is a place very few tourists go to. It's actually one of my favorite Mexican cities.
What to see and do in Montreal: the ultimate resource page
Lots of posts and photos of the city where I've lived almost 30 years.
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We've become huge fans of Airbnb. Last year we stayed 185 days of the year in Airbnb apartments. We use them for any stay over 2 nights. Want to save money? Book through this link and you'll save $32 CAD (about $25 US) on your first Airbnb booking.
 That's it for this week! Thanks for reading!
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