Budapest: Crazy Germans, Yak coats, and why "the internet is a bitch".

Published: Tue, 08/25/15

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Above: German guy celebrating
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We've just entered our 2nd month in Budapest. One thing this city isn't is boring. We seem to be meeting all kinds of people and having some interesting experiences.

Case in point: last weekend was a long weekend, celebrating St. Stephen's day (August 20th) which marks the founding of the Hungarian state over a 1000 years ago. Parliament was open to the public, there were fireworks...and there was a festival of Folk Arts at Buda Castle.

We met this friendly guy. I had to put on a yak coat for this photo. He wasn't interested in me though. Look at the way he's looking at the photographer.
Yup, he wanted Lissette. She was next with the coat. He started hugging and kissing her, pinching her cheeks, even making her chug from his flask of Palinka. People always seem to have that reaction to Lissette. 

Then there were these German guys from Passau here to celebrate their friend's upcoming wedding. 2 Euros was all it took for him to do a dance for us. His friends insisted we post the photos because, in their words (in an Arnold Schwarzenegger-type accent), "the internet is a bitch".

So good times in Budapest. 

I posted a video on our last post on the crazy rain storm we had a little over a week ago. And about how hard we had been working out. Well, our gym had to close for a week due to flooding. So we got a lot of sightseeing done, ate a lot of cake and drank some beer too. I'll have a few posts coming up on some of the city's most beautiful coffeehouses as well as most scenic roof-top bars. So much history here. We're also systematically visiting all of Budapest's Thermal Baths and will have a post on that. This Saturday we went to the Rudas baths which have a night session from 10 pm - 4am. A great experience, highlights of which are 500 year-old Turkish baths and a scenic outdoor bath looking out over the city. 
I wrote previously that I didn't know how I felt about the city. I think we are both starting to really enjoy Budapest. 
Above: views of Budapest from Buda Castle. 
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