Romania, Fight Club, some odd photos and our upcoming plans.

Published: Sun, 10/18/15

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Above: We've had a lot of cold, dreary weather in Brasov.
Update: Hi! I haven't done a newsletter in a while and some of our readers are getting upset about it. For those unfamiliar with our newsletters: we try to make newsletter a little less formal than regular blog posts and include weird photos that often don't make it on the blog.

It's been a busy time. We left Budapest almost 3 weeks ago for Brasov, Romania. It's honestly been a bit of a culture shock coming to Romania. How to put it nicely? We miss Budapest. Our feelings haven't been helped by the weather - we can count 4 days of sunshine in the last 18 days or so. 

The original idea had been to have stops in Romania and Bulgaria before going on to Turkey sometime in mid-November. But with all that's gone on in recent months we've gone back and forth on the idea of going to Turkey at all. Just last Saturday we were sitting having lunch and trying to come to a decision on what we should do...we came back from lunch and heard about the bombings in Ankara. That sealed it for us. We aren't going to Turkey. 

So we've been busy this week making bookings for another destination: We're going to South Africa at the end of the month!  We'll be in Africa at least 3 months and will use Cape Town as a base for at least the first. Looking really forward to it.

In the meantime we've kept busy in Brasov. They had a Grand Prix weekend a few weeks back. Then they had a Dracula Film Festival which was interesting. We also signed up for a gym, one of the nicest gyms we've ever been too. I'm including a video below which might give you a chuckle.

I'll be catching up on my posts on Brasov in the coming week.

Above: The Grand Prix in Brasov. You'll be challenged to find a Romanian who doesn't smoke. 
Above: Lady selling wine at the Dracula Film Festival. We thought she was exotic looking. 
Above: "Balkan Frank". My new sweatpants/sweatshirt. In the Balkans the general uniform is walking around in sweatpants. Since we go to the gym all the time that means I don't  have really wear anything else. Having a pissed off look on your face helps you fit in too. Our Croatian buddy Vedran knows what I'm talking about. 
Above: Found in Brasov. We're going to miss Halloween by a couple of days. Maybe that's a good thing. 
Fight Club!!!
Check out this video and go to the 0:55 mark. We were thinking of taking a few self defense courses. Is that extreme or what??!
On This Newsletter: A recent accolade and a couple of posts related to Turkey and South Africa. 
Above: The photo they used, a long time ago when we were visiting Brazil.
We were recently named one of the Top 20 Couples Travel Blogs by Holidaylettings, part of Trip Advisor.  Nice to get noticed and having people like our stuff.
Why we’re cancelling our travel plans to Turkey
For those why missed this post: I wrote it about 3 weeks back when we were about 90% sure we wouldn't go. It got a lot of feedback (we also got a lot of hate on it on facebook where people called us idiots. Haven't gotten any such comments since last week's bombings).
Top highlights in and around Cape Town, South Africa
A little over a year ago my ex-boss Tony contributed a series of very popular posts on South Africa. This one is on Cape Town where we'll be heading in about 10 days.
South Africa Guide and Travel Tips
Tony also contributed this huge guide on South Africa. I'm pretty sure it's the biggest free guide on South Africa on the internet. Follow the links on the page for anything you need to know on South Africa. We know we'll be referring to it a lot in the next little while.
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