Announcing: Princess Training Camp (coming to Calgary!)

Published: Thu, 05/09/13

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Princess Training Camp
May, 2013
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Lisa Kathleen
One of my - and my daughter's - favourite things is to hold a Fancy Dress Ball at my house. 5-10 little girls spend the afternoon prepping trays full of Yummy Things On Frilly Toothpicks, then spend an hour or two to dress up, bejewel, do hair, and generally Get Fancy.

We then spend the rest of the evening politely (with our pinkies sticking out) eating the yummy and healthy things we prepared, introducing each girl to the other attendees of The Ball so they can curtsy and prance around a bit, and then dancing to dramatic stuff such as Beethoven's 5th and Raffi tunes.

You've pretty much never seen so much giggling and hilarity in all your life.  And I've always thought the concept would make a great summer camp.

A few weeks ago, in the aftermath of our last Fancy Dress Ball, I was chatting with my friend Kim of the Calgary Kids Club, and we decided that we'd love to facilitate a summer camp for girls.  We are both giggling like crazy, and can't wait to share this time with your girls! 

We'll focus on important princess stuff like manners and leadership, as well as bejeweling and adorning. It's going to be awesome.'s the scoop:

Your 5-8 year-old princess will explore the full range of what it takes to be a real princess - elegant manners, leadership by example, and all the skills involved to prepare for a Fancy Dress Ball.  

We will focus on each individual child's interests and strengths, self-expression, friendship, and fun. Your princess will enjoy:

  • Preparing for a Fancy Dress Ball
  • Practicing essential etiquette for someone in the public eye
  • Learning leadership skills, like collaborative problem-solving, listening and compassionate communication  
  • Understanding cultural differences and how to say "Hello" in 10 languages 
  • Handling paparazzi and other assertiveness training
  • Tea parties, picnics, imaginative play, and small talk
  • ....and much more!
We will dress up!  We will bejewel!  We will do hair!  We will paint nails!  And we'll run around outside, too.  (But not with our pinkies up, because if we fell down with our pinkies up, we might hurt them.)   
We'll finish the week with a Fancy Dress Ball - you are invited! Oh, the joy of it all!
The princesses will decorate, prepare food, and adorn themselves elegantly in preparation for the ball.
All the details are here.  

In joy,
Lisa Kathleen 
403-607-1463 << Call me anytime:)

P.S. Still trying to figure out who's going to have more fun with this, me, or the girls...!


I was doing a Skype presentation with a parenting group in Calfornia today, and I thought I'd share the recurring theme with you.
 Here it is:
You are not responsible for your child's happiness, behaviour, or choices.

The best you can do is take full responsibility for your own happiness, behaviour, and choices.

That's it.  That's all.
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Princess Training Camp!
Tuesday through Thursday, August 6-8, from 9-3
Friday, August 9th, from 9-5:30 (You are invited to join us for the ball at 4 pm)
Richmond Knob Hill Community Hall
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