Let 2024 be the best yet!

Published: Wed, 01/10/24

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Happy New Year! I know - it's January 7th so it's a bit late but I figure it's better late than never. For some of us - we are so happy to be done with 2023!

Are you looking forward to 2024? I sometimes feel overwhelmed when people start talking about new years resolutions and how they're going to make changes in the new year. I used to do that and of course I don't remember any of those resolutions actually happening. How about you?

So, now instead of having new years resolutions I try to encourage myself with having a purpose for the next year. My belief is we all need a purpose - whether it's raising your children, working at a job or volunteering in Africa. We need a reason to get up in the morning and put the next foot forward.

If you spend each day sitting at home, not knowing what to do with yourself, being bored or rootless, your life can't be a lot of fun. It's also not very healthy. By the way, that doesn't describe me but it does describe people I know.

I believe those retirees who plan on full time RV living have a purpose. I'm making an assumption but I do believe it's so they have the freedom to travel if that's what they choose, or to just follow their dreams of living a different lifestyle. Not everyone understand this way of thinking but that's okay.

Not everyone wants to full time RV and that's okay. Maybe they look forward to vacationing with their families every summer or taking a much anticipated trip across Canada. We each have our own reasons for RVing.

Do you have a purpose? I would love to hear from you.

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Did you know that full time RVers find it expensive and difficult to obtain full time RV insurance? In BC there are only 2 providers. I am in search of what underwriters provide insurance for Canadian full timers. Do you know who provides it in your province? Please email me with the names and possible contact information and I'll follow up. Thank you for your help with this. Please email me at [email protected]

My wish for you is to have the best year ever in 2024!


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