Chalet Suzanne Retires!

Published: Thu, 07/03/14

Chalet Suzanne Retires after 83 Years
Dear ,

It's been a long, wonderful season in time. Well over eighty years, in fact. So many great things have happened at Chalet Suzanne through that period-- especially meeting you. 

We've received hundreds of accolades from around the globe. Only one other restaurant has earned more Golden Spoon Awards. Our soups and sauces, carefully canned right here on the property for nearly sixty years, have their place in history as the only soup available to Earthlings and the Man in the Moon alike!  We were awarded Top Ten Country Inns of America several times and some in the media suggest that we should be named "Inn of the Century".

The Hinshaw family, now five generations since the enterprise began, has been the energy behind it all. We've developed friendships with celebrities, dignitaries, astronauts and war heroes, but mostly with wonderful people like you who have a special celebrity of their own. Equally important are the thousands of people who have labored here through the decades, each one adding their own flavor to our history.  We thank all of you for helping to make this amazing adventure worthwhile.

But the time has come to let go of our love affair with this  wonderful creation of Bertha Hinshaw and her family. Dee and Eric are choosing to retire their efforts here and sell the property, looking for other opportunities to serve the community and The Lord.

We will discontinue normal operations of this distinguished enterprise in four to six weeks, around Monday, August, 4th. Reservations for lunch, dinner or overnight will be accepted until then. If you would like to have the opportunity to have one last farewell evening, or if you've always wanted to come but never quite made it, this is your chance, maybe your last chance, to experience the Chalet Suzanne and it's glorious history. You will be welcomed to stop by after that date, but you may end up having dinner with us at home.  :-)

Fond Farewell Overnight Package
We are offering a special "Fond Farewell" dinner and overnight package from now until the retirement date of August 4th that includes a 10% discount on entrees. Please call to make a reservation.
Silent Auction for Your Favorite Artifacts
One of the many Tile Tables
We are going to make it fun, as well. There will be a silent auction for many of the items located around the property. Tables and chairs, many containing priceless tiles and art from around the world, antique furniture and keepsakes, lamps and linens will be up for bidding. If you don't see a number on the item that you are interested in, just take a picture and email it to us with an offer.
The Future.  Is it Your turn?
A courtyard at the Inn
So, what's next for our little treasure?  We don't know, for sure. We will look for purchasers for all or part of the property and all or part of the businesses. For many years we have lived our dream of entertaining guests with elegance and  aplomb.  Maybe it's YOUR turn now?  If you or someone you know may be interested in the property or any of the businesses involved, please contact us. We'd love to entertain your ideas. Of course, if you are interested in purchasing a "going concern" you should move very quickly. We would be happy to work with you, as well.
What is for Sale?
Dining Room Entrance

Everything, from corporations and commercial property to napkins and knives. Here's a partial list:

  • Chalet Suzanne(TM) (the name), known for excellence for nearly a century
  • 100+- acres of Commercial/Industrial property with Polk County's TCC land use designation. In total or in parcels
  • The Restaurant building with large commercial kitchen, multiple dining rooms and guest rooms, and fully licensed bar, all on the National Register of Historic Places, pre-qualified as a National Historic Landmark
  • The Inn with 23 guest rooms, also on the National Register of Historic Places, also pre-qualified as a National Historic Landmark. Includes other buildings, apartments, employee housing, a gift shop, office space and a pool. 
  • Soup cannery-warehouse, with many FDA approved LACF (Low Acid Canned Food) certifications. 
  • FAA licensed Public Use Airport with a 2313' lighted sod runway.
  • 4.5 acre Vineyard with stand of mature Lake Emerald grapes (French Muscat Hybrid bunch grape for wine, juice or jam)
  • 16 acre private spring fed lake with great fishing. At one time this lake was home to the world's largest ski jump and Chalet Suzanne's famous Indian Dhow dinner cruises.
  • Numerous homes, apartments and buildings for employees, managers, museums, long-term tenants and cottage industry crafters.
  • Shooting range.
  • 4 acre undeveloped parcel on US  27.  Located across the street from Walgreen's and home to our famous (infamous?) pink billboards.
  • Antiques of all kinds from around the world.
  • Equipment, tools, aircraft and much, much more.
Please contact us at for offers and information. Phone 863-676-6011
Please Come!

We encourage you to visit one last time. Enjoy this unique and legendary property now, before we become a warm memory of the way things were, back then. Call 863-676-6011.

God Bless you all,

Eric, Dee and the rest of the Chalet Family