Ciudad de Angeles, Inc.

Angels'Angles (Ciudad de Angeles)

Ciudad Giving Tuesday 2022

Published: Tue, 11/29/22

GIVING TUESDAY 2022 PLEASE CONSIDER OUR CHILDREN IN YOUR END OF YEAR DONATIONS! Inflation is a problem worldwide. Historically, Me ico's inflation…

Thanksgiving 2022

Published: Wed, 11/23/22

Thanksgiving 2022 Angels' Angles In This Issue... Thanksgiving Message Churches of Christ Assisting the Children of Me ico Did someone forward this…

2022 Fiesta of Thanksgiving -- Wrap

Published: Fri, 11/11/22

Third AnnualFiesta of Thanksgiving!It's a wrap!We want to e press our heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped make our Fiesta of Thanksgiving a…

2022 Fiesta of Thanksgiving -- Fiesta Day

Published: Thu, 11/10/22

Third AnnualFiesta of Thanksgiving!Today is Fiesta Day! Te t2BidTo bid in our online auction or make a donation, te t "Angels" to 71760. Live…

2022 Fiesta of Thanksgiving -- Live Events

Published: Thu, 10/27/22

Third AnnualFiesta of Thanksgiving!Thursday, November 10, 2022Note: We are still accepting auction donations!Deadline Approaching! Dear Ciudad…

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