Sealant Solution Scoop - Clean Seal, Inc. - September 2015

Published: Thu, 10/01/15


What is that?

Well, if you watched the video you already know.  If you didn't you really should, it will explain a lot about our secondary services, aka Cut/Splice/Glue.  This secondary service allows us to better serve our customers with a customized products specifically designed for their application.  This would include a custom 4-sided frame for a trailer cargo area or window/door to keep out moisture, dust and debris.  If you have a specific length you need we can do that as well.  Or maybe you need a certain type of tape to adhere your seal to your substrate. Give us a call, we can do that.   

For more information please visit:

Or click on the picture Below to view this flyer.

Need a specific seal, but your not sure exactly what you need.  Our home page has a tab at the bottom called Common Uses of Seals.  This is a great resource for finding that perfect seal to fit your application or product.  

Shows of Interest  
Our fall trade show season has kicked off, and the IBEX show is already behind us.  The next show we will be attending is the Sema show.  Visit us in Las Vegas at the convention center, booth


Las Vegas Convention Center

Las Vegas, NV

Booth #: 24081

Show Dates:

Nov 3rd - 6th

This digital publication from Clean Seal helps to reduce the need for paper.  We strive to be environmentally friendly in all aspects of our business.  And if you think about what our products do, you will find more ways we help the environment...

Our products directly help sustain our environment and help our customers reduce end user energy costs through properly sealed products.