Sealant Solution Scoop - Clean Seal, Inc. - November 2017

Published: Mon, 11/20/17

New Product Offering...
Expanda Foam by Clean Seal fills gaps no other seal on the market can fill.  Composed of saturated polyurethane foam, Expanda Foam possesses the sealing characteristics of closed cell foams, but also maintains the recovery characteristics of sponge-like substances.  Expanda Foam can be used to seal irregular surfaces as well as traditional window, door, and framing applications.
Employees Recognized
Clean Seal had it's luncheon in October and gave out awards to the following employees for their time of service to our company...

20 years – Lisa Brugh
15 years – Jesus Carmona
10 years – Brandi Nelson
5 years – Angie Paden
4 months – Karla Himes
2 months – Lisa Dolby

We are so grateful for all of our wonderful employees, thanks for making Clean Seal a leader in our industry.
Social Media Presence
Our goal on social media is to interact with you, our customer, and develop a relationship with someone who might want or need one of our products or beneficial information. 

We pay close attention to what platforms work best for our industry.  Clean Seal has had great success with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  However, we are always looking for other beneficial social media outlets.  Keep a close eye on our homepage as we add more to our social media presence in the coming year.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
This digital publication from Clean Seal helps to reduce the need for paper.  We strive to be environmentally friendly in all aspects of our business.  And if you think about what our products do, you will find more ways we help the environment...

Our products directly help sustain our environment and help our customers reduce end user energy costs through properly sealed products.