Sealant Solution Scoop - Clean Seal, Inc. - June 2016

Published: Wed, 06/15/16

We Deliver!
Clean Seal's typical delivery area is a 50 mile radius, but we do tend to extend that for certain types and sizes of customers.  What is "Just in Time Delivery"? Our regular delivery customers have a specified day of the week for deliveries; however, there are times when a customer places an order and needs the material before their scheduled day.  Clean Seal's "Just in Time Delivery"  means we will do everything we can to get the necessary materials to our customer when they need it.

Clean Seal's driver is usually on the road by 6 am every morning.  This is because most of our customer are working bright and early and we want to ensure their products are there when they need to use them.

May Clean Seal, Inc. Luncheon

During the month of May we had our bi-annual
employee luncheon.  The following Clean Seal employees received recognition for their continued service.  Thanks for being great employees.

Tara Taylor – 25 years of service
Maribel Hernandez – 3 years of service
Steve Meredith – 2 months of service
Brittany Himes – 2 months of service
Fall Shows
2016 Fall Trade Shows

Our fall schedule this year is a very busy one.  We begin a little early at the Mine Expo in Las Vegas, NV.  Please stop by booth 27610 and take a look at what we have to offer this year.  We then head off to IBEX in Tampa, FL. the following week. Sema and WorkBoat will bring us to the end of the year.    

Mine Expo

Las Vegas Convention Center

Las Vegas, NV

Booth #: 27610

Show Dates:

Sept. 26th - 28th


This digital publication from Clean Seal helps to reduce the need for paper.  We strive to be environmentally friendly in all aspects of our business.  And if you think about what our products do, you will find more ways we help the environment...

Our products directly help sustain our environment and help our customers reduce end user energy costs through properly sealed products.