Sealant Solution Scoop - Clean Seal, Inc. - September 2016

Published: Mon, 09/12/16

We love "Work Trucks"
Since the economic downturn a few years ago, Clean Seal, Inc. has become very market/customer diversified.  While the RV industry is still very important to us, we have become a leader in supplying the work truck industry with our diverse product offerings.  

If you own a fleet of work trucks or even one pick up truck you have probably seen our seals keeping out dust, debri and the elements.  We are that important layer of protection that goes unnoticed by most.  That is ok to us, because that means we are doing our job in putting out a great product that will serve your work truck for the life of the vehicle.  

If you need to keep things cool in back with a refrigerated truck, move someone across the country in a moving van, or deliver that load of gravel to the work site.  Clean Seal will be there for your work truck sealing needs. Don't forget we also provide many automotive hose options for the work truck market as well.  

Social Media Presence
Our goal on social media is to interact with you, our customer, and develop a relationship with someone who might want or need one of our products or beneficial information. 

We pay close attention to what platforms work best for our industry.  Clean Seal has had great success with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  However, we are always looking for other beneficial social media outlets.  Keep a close eye on our homepage as we add more to our social media presence in the coming year.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Fall Shows
2016 Fall Trade Shows

Hard to believe Fall will be here in just a couple weeks.  The Mine Expo will be our first show of the fall trade show season.  We always look forward to this great show.  Stop by our booth and see what we have to offer your company related to the mining

Mine Expo

Las Vegas Convention Center

Las Vegas, NV

Booth #: 27610

Show Dates:

Sept. 26th - 28th


This digital publication from Clean Seal helps to reduce the need for paper.  We strive to be environmentally friendly in all aspects of our business.  And if you think about what our products do, you will find more ways we help the environment...

Our products directly help sustain our environment and help our customers reduce end user energy costs through properly sealed products.